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Andean protein drikke 250 g - muscle recovery

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Spirulina pulver (Arthrospiraplatensis), organisk mel Chia (Salvia hispanica), h Arina ecol Amaranth eller logisk (Amaranthuscaudatus L.) og organisk pulver Cacao (Theobroma cacao L.)

p>Andesprotein er den mest komplette, smakfulle og enkle måten å konsumere planteproteiner (30%) med alle essensielle aminosyrer. Spirulina er inneholder mye vitamin E, omega-3, vitamin B-kompleks, jern, fosfor, kalium og sink. Som kilde for magnesium bidrar med en normal muskelfunksjon og proteinsyntese. Dette kombineres i vegetabilske drikke shakes eller kombinere det i supper, salater, juice og müsli.




1 til 2 ts etter volum (ca 5 g produkt i hver spiseskje).


Det kan lett oppløses i din favoritt vegetabilsk drikke eller fruktjuice.

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Andean Protein is a shake - rich protein of high biological value of plant origin, containing all essential amino acids in free form, ready to be absorbed promptly and effectively. Free of allergens such as soy or gluten or dairy.

This shake is formulated from an exclusive selection of super foods high quality, besides their proteins, provide a nutritious vegetable selection good quality fats, essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6, fiber and carbohydrates low index glycemic.

The characteristics of its composition, Andean Protein is also a good choice or n to stop the craving s of snacking as creates sensació n satiety due to the high level of protein and fiber.

With its exotic combination of flavors, Andean Protein surprises us with different notes delicious natural, free of any artificial flavoring flavors.


  • Full profile amino to acids
  • Ideal for those who wish to increase their protein intake with Multinutrient high bioavailability
  • High in minerals, vitamins and enzymes
  • powerful antioxidant
  • Ingredients of organic origin, no genetically modified organisms
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Formulated from superfoods of the highest quality, under strict controls
  • easy solution
  • Delicious taste
  • Without any additives (colorants, artificial sweeteners, preservatives) and free of fillers, binders or other excipients


Spirulina powder ( Arthrospiraplatensis ), organic flour Chia ( Salvia hispanica ), h Arina ecol Amaranth or logical (Amaranthuscaudatus L.) and organic powder Cacao ( Theobroma cacao L.)

The to maranto is one of the star foods selected by NASA to feed their s astronauts as they need a choice of high nutritional value , low weight and easy to digest . It is a grain that completes the former protein formula Andean Protein as it is rich in lysine and methionine, two amino to acids essential that typically are lacking in other plant foods.

The spirulina , microalgae (cyanobacteria) freshwater is one of the richest in protein of high biological value of the entire planet, very easily digestible, ready to be used by the food agency.Also it provides an extraordinarily rich in vitamins, minerals and plant pigments including chlorophyll (known to increase the ability of the blood to carry ox í geno ) and carotenoids ( of action ng antioxidant and pro vitamin).

As a complement, spirulina can improve nutritional balance, energy í to and weight control, and in addition to s has magnetic í ficas properties to remove toxins by phycocyanins (blue pigment).

The high content of chia present in Andean Protein ensures a supply of omega - 3 fatty acids, which have been shown to help improve the health of the nervous and immune systems, have anti - inflammatory effect, help prevent cardiovascular diseases, to normalize the high voltage , reduce cholesterol and maintain flexibility of cell membranes.

E l cocoa tops the list of foods with antioxidant properties so it is of particular interest to all those people doing a lot of sport or who are subjected to high levels of stress and environmental pollution. His great contribution of magnesium, iron and chromium can help improve brain function, regulation of blood glucose and muscle recovery, among other benefits. Cocoa flour is also rich in proteins.


Store in closed containers at room temperature, protected from direct light temperature. In dry and clean conditions. Duration up to 12 months in sealed original container.

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