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BRAIN SHAKE 500 g - XL Pack

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Deilig forberedt for å riste og mate hjernen din.
Spesielt egnet for studenter og de som har en stor intellektuell innsats til hverdagen. Nyt din intellektuelle, mental ytelse, konsentrasjon og minne. Kilden til vitamin B-kompleks, jern, fosfor, essensielle aminosyrer og energi lav glykemisk indeks, som vil bidra til å opprettholde konsentrasjonen.

1 til 2 ts etter volum (ca 5 g produkt i hver spiseskje).
Det kan lett oppløses i din favoritt vegetabilsk drikke eller fruktjuice.

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Brain Shake is a shake carefully formulated to provide an array of nutrients that the nervous system needs to encourage a heightened state of alertness, mental clarity, improved memory and stable energy. Super foods that make up this shake have been carefully studied and used throughout history by different cultures for its remarkable health benefits.

Brain Shake is a high quality food for the brain and the entire nervous system giving vitamins, trace elements and phytochemicals that help you stay alert, focused and well nourished to face all kinds of stressful situations.

Brain Shake is an ideal place to consume daily for anyone who needs to take advantage of smoothiewith healthcare maximum mental capacity and for anyone who wants to have an extra edge to meet the challenges of modern life.

The lucuma is a fruit that stands out for its high content of vitamins B group so often recommended herbal medicine to balance the nervous system and fight certain depressions. For its wealth of iron contributes to the renewal of the c é cells sangu í lines, allowing the transport of  Oxy geno  from the lungs to the different or organs, like the brain giving greater mental fluency. It acts also as anantioxidant by the presence of beta carotene, reducing the effects of aging. For its contribution in complex carbohydrates increases the energy íto when you feel exhausted both f í sico and mental.

The carob is a food rich in minerals such as magnesium, which helps to improve the functioningneuronal favoring the transmission of nerve impulses, and phosphorus, whose presence in the cell membranes of the brain is critical, encouraging communication between their c é cells, thus improving mental performance and memory. It also highlights its content in calcium, potassium and iron, essential for the proper functioning of the brain.


Maca ( Lepidium m eyenii ) Coconut flour écolologic (Cocos nucifera) , flour l ú cuma ecol orlogic (Pouteria lucuma) , flour organic chia (Salvia Hisp to nica and flour ecol carob or logic (Cerotonia Siliqua ) .



  • It can help to improve memory and stateto nimo
  • You can increase learning ability and concentration
  • It can relieve stress symptoms
  • You can increase the energy í to and resistance
  • Of particular interest to people who want to get the m to maximum of their mental capacity to meet the challenges of today 'sworld
  • antioxidant support
  • High in minerals, vitamins, amino acids and complex carbohydrates
  • High in fiber
  • Ingredients of organic origin, no genetically modified organisms
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Made from super foods of the highest quality, Severely controls
  • easy solution
  • Delicious taste
  • Without any additives (colorants, artificial sweeteners, preservatives) and free of fillers, binders or other excipients



The high presence of flour organic coconut in the Brain Shake provides high levels of fiber, protein and healthy fats, nutrients that help reduce the glycemic load of the formula. By its nature, coconut flour offers some health benefits that have been investigated:

- Their high levels of unhealthy saturated fats in the form of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) reach 8g per 100g of product. These MCFA are easily used by the body for energy, help to have a healthy metabolism and balanced levels of blood glucose Some studies have failed todemonstrate that products from coconut, such as coconut flour , have the ability to help lower "bad" LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. This positive health effect to the high intake of soluble and insoluble fiber and healthy is attributed AGCM .

The chia can benefit the nervous system improving brain activity, thanks to its high content of antioxidants and to acids fatty essential especially omega - 3 and may enhance memory and concentration of those who regularly take . These small seeds also é n are rich in other nutrients of great importance to health, as prote í nas, fiber, amino to acids and vitamins, minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, iron, iodine, copper, zinc, sodium , magnesium andmanganese. It is for these reasons that chia s Uele used in Prevenció nAlzheimer's disease, inaddition to s other degenerative diseases.

The root of maca has a high nutritional value for its high content of amino to acids, complex carbohydrates, almidó n, gluc osides, alkaloids, tannin, and vitamins C and B group . Although the evidence is still anecdotal, it is claimed that maca could alleviate mood swings, anxiety and depression. People who consume it regularly have reported an increase in l to memory, focusand concentration skills. the macait is an excellent restorative tonic Family adaptogens, indicating that helps better adaptation to different types of stress, in fact some studies have concluded that maca helps maintain hormone balance l and mental clarity.


Store in closed containers at room temperature, protected from direct light temperature. In dry and clean conditions. Duration up to 12 months in sealed original container.

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