Organic TEENS DAY pads with Far IR anion strip


What you won’t feel with our pads?No feeling moist – super soft cottony top layer passes through the liquid and stays dry. No heat and sweat – since all layers are breathable, even the bottom plastic layer.No burning, itching or swelling sensations in your intimate area – the pad does not contain harsh chemicals which can cause those feelings, pH is friendly to your skin (it is very important factor for your wellbeing and good health).No fishy smell – the yellow odor control strip will work on that.No insecure feeling – eco-friendly super absorbent layer will turn the blood in to the gel. Our miracle gel layer absorbs three times more than conventional pads. But if you need even better protection then choose our Day use pads with side walls and 5 times more absorbent than conventional pads.It will sound unrealistic, but you won’t feel your menstruation – really, many women say that with Gentle Day® pads they forget about menses it become less noticeable and hustle free.

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